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Granahan Investment Management, Inc. ("Granahan")

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Since 1985, Granahan Investment Management has addressed the challenges and opportunities unique to small cap growth investing. The key to their investment success over the last 30+ years is their passion for intensive research on small companies, and a strict adherence to the investment processes they have created to skillfully navigate the small cap arena.

Small Cap Experts

Granahan has a focus on small cap growth equity investments. It's what they do. Their goal is to uncover the next generation of disruptive and innovative companies that are creating new markets or shaking up old ones.

100% Employee Owned

Granahan Investment Management is a 100% Employee-Owned Investment Boutique. Every member of the investment team is a shareholder, aligning interests with those of the clients.

People & Experience

Their investment processes have been crafted, honed, and are implemented by a dynamic team of highly experienced and proven investors.

  • 100% employee-owned shop
  • 25-years average experience
  • Every portfolio manager is also an analyst
  • Each team member has core areas of industry expertise
  • Collaboration and cross-pollination of ideas are embedded in the GIM culture

GIM attracts and retains dedicated employees who are motivated and work as a team for clients’ goals.

Investment Culture

Granahan believes the power of the individual grows exponentially through our process and team dynamics.

Investment Opportunity

Destra Capital has partnered with Granahan to offer the Destra Granahan Small Cap Advantage Fund. The Fund is a distinct combination of two long standing individual strategies from Granahan - Small Cap Focused Growth and Small Cap Discoveries - leveraging GIM's sleeve-managed system.

The strength of the combination is that while both underlying GIM strategies have strong performance records, each emphasizes a different area of the small cap growth equity market. The Focused Growth PM seeks sustainable growth companies, and the Discoveries PM looks for unrecognized growth in the smaller end of the market cap range.

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